Glow in the Dark Balls and Glow Sticks

Play Ball 24/7
with a Glow in the Dark Ball

No batteries required:
Just bend to activate!

Hours of nighttime fun for kids and adults of all ages!

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    Chemical Light - Distributor of glow stick necklaces and lightstick products for novelty item vendors, military, safety and industrial uses.
    Clear Neon - Removable transparent blacklight paint glows in the dark under UV light, colorless in day light. Use for decoration at parties, security, and inventory control.
    Creative Lighting Concepts - Offers full-spectrum color-changing led products as well as fiber optic lighting systems, automotive led lighting systems and Color Kinetics Sauce products.
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    Fly by Night Sports - Manufactures the Glow Stick Powered Volleyball and other lighted sports balls for nighttime play.
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    Fun Glow - Offers a variety of chemical glow products as well as battery operated glow products.
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    Glow Party - Battery operated novelties as well as chemical lightsticks and glow stick necklaces. Glow Productions - Australian wholesaler of glow in the dark novelties. Glow sticks, glow ropes, and glowstick bracelets. Also specializes in corporate logos.
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    K-Lites - Liquid activated light source with many uses. Can be custom printed.
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    Lightattack - Manufactures t-shirts with illuminating designs. Custom designs available.
    Lightgod - Retail & B2B distributors of a large selection of lighted, low-priced party toys, glow items, and promotional merchandise.
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    Night Club Items - Glowsticks, rave wands and DJ Items.
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    Nighthack - Cotton and latex battery lit glowing footbags and juggling balls. Frisglo lighted disks. Lighted rave jewelry and bike gear.
    Northern Products, Inc. - Wholesale glow sticks and glow stick necklaces, in stock or made to order.
    OneGlow - Glow sticks, glow jewelry, and glow-in-the-dark party supplies.
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    Perception of Light - Offers glow in the dark pigments that can be added to most paint products.
    Premier Glow - Glowstick necklaces, glow sticks, glowstick bracelets, photon micro-light, toilet seats and glow novelties. - Offers LED lighted rave and party novelty items.
    Quantum Wire Inc. - Light up toys, novelties and electroluminescent wire.
    Rave Knights - Offers light sticks, glowstick necklaces, flashing rings, earrings, light up key chains and other light up novelties.
    Ready Set Glo - Supplies glow powder for mixing with various materials for creating a range of self luminous products.
    Red Line Inc. - Super bright leds and super bright led products including flame lamps and green laser pointers.
    Risk Reactor - Offers glow sticks, glow core, glowstick necklaces and glowstick bracelets. California, USA.
    Sedona Glow Glass Company - Makes a silica-based powder that, when added while making glass products, makes the finished piece glow in the dark.
    Self Powered - Offers factory direct pricing on glowsticks, glow novelties and gifts.
    Solution Industries - Sells electroluminescent wire, Double EL Wire, inverters, glow products, LED flashers, and related items.
    Spyroglow - Glow stick powered footballs for night time fun.
    SureGlow - Distributor of quality glow sticks, light sticks, glowstick necklaces, glowstick bracelets, lighted earings and rings.
    Techton Corporation - Glow sticks in many sizes and colors.
    Tekno Bubbles - Blowing bubbles that glow under a blacklight.
    US3 Products - Large selection of chemical glow light sticks.
    UV Gear - UK supplier of UV reactive products for decoration, special effects, nightclub and party gear.
    Xenoline - Specializing in unique electroluminescent novelties, as well as the latest in LED novelty technology.

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