Glow Stick Powered Basketball
-Official size and weight
-Lights don't interfere with dribbling or passing
-Great for all indoor or outdoor basketball courts
Glow Stick Powered Party Ball
glow in the dark volleyball-Official size translucent volleyball
-Great for playing volleyball, kick ball, dodgeball, soccer and for swimming pool games (waterproof!)
Glow Stick Powered Foam Football
glow in the dark foam football -Great for playing football in all weather conditions
-Harness fits all Jr size footballs, foam footballs and mini basketballs
Glow Stick Powered Party Ball Jr
-Just as bright as the Party Ball and half the size (7" dia)
-Light weight and water proof
-Great for playing dodgeball and for swimming pool games
Replacement Glow Sticks
-Replacement glow sticks in assorted colors
-100 piece tubes include connectors for making bracelets and necklaces
-Glow Sticks are non-toxic with a 2 year shelf life and last 6 to 8 hours after activating

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