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June 26, 2007

Contact: Earl Sullivan
Fly by Night Sports
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Innovative Flourescent Football begins production at the 20 year anniversary of invention

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Wall, NJ; 20 years after FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS President and Inventor, Earl Sullivan, created it, the GLOW STICK POWERED FOOTBALL is currently in production and will be available to be sold beginning July 7, 2007. The GLOW STICK POWERED FOOTBALL will be the latest in FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS unique and innovative line of glow in the dark sporting equipment. The foam football comes with a specially designed harness which holds 4 glow sticks around the ball allowing players to play in the dark! The harness is designed not to interfere with playing and the glow sticks are guaranteed not to break or become disconnected from the ball. In addition to the GLOW STICK POWERED FOOTBALL, FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS product line includes the GLOW STICK POWERED BASKETBALL which is an official size and weight basketball retailing for $19.95; and an official size translucent volleyball —FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS GLOW STICK POWERED PARTY BALL retailing for $14.95; both are available on FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS website; The GLOW STICK POWERED FOOTBALL will retail for $14.95.

In development since 1987, when Sullivan invented the first patented glow-stick harness, Fly by Night Sports products now offer high levels of quality, durability and fun for children and adults of all ages. The Glow Lighted balls utilize safe, non-toxic light sticks that are activated by bending. Fly by Night Sports unique rubber harness secures the light sticks firmly in place for hours of play in the dark action with no effect on game play. The light sticks have a shelf life of at least two years and no batteries are required.

FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS will also be offering the football harness separately as it is designed to fit easily over any foam football. All of FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS products come with a 100% money back guarantee. FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS sells replacement sticks as well. Additionally, FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS offers wholesale opportunities to stores and online stores interested in offering their products to their customers.

For more information about FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS and its innovative glow in the dark sport products, please contact FLY BY NIGHT SPORTS President and Product Inventor Earl Sullivan at 732-539-6986 or E-mail


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