Fly by Night Sports -Company History/Timeline

Timeline of inventor and owner of Fly by Night Sports


- First harness invented to hold lights on a football
- Disclosure documents filed
- Development and testing of different model harnesses

- First utility patent application filed by inventor.

- Utility Patent granted December 25th, 1990

- "IMPEX" First trade show. Only prototypes were available

- signed exclusive contract ( $2,500 & 5% royalties) with a toy company called CN is Believing. (other ideas were disclosed)

- no activity or production

- contract voided

- A lighted football identical to the one that was disclosed to Corky Newcomb (CN is Believing) was discovered on the market. This new product is being manufactured and distributed by CN is Believing. The patent application was filed by a third party only 6 weeks after signing our 1996 contract. Mr Newcomb appears to be the world leader in back stabbing entrepreneurs. Please feel free to visit his website for spamming purposes only.

- a reusable harness was invented to light up a sports ball.
- provisional patent application filed
- November, first product marketed by Fly by Night Sports. "Glow Lighted Basketball"

- June, second product marketed by Fly by Night Sports. "Glow Lighted Party Ball" (transluscent volleyball)
- PCT application filed designating all countries

- Visit Fly by Night Sports at the Largest Toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere.
American International Toy Fair 100th Anniversary Toy Show.
Javits Convention Center in New York February 16 - 19th, 2003
Booth #6051

- July, The Glow Stick Powered Football (20 year Edition) and Party ball Jr are added to Fly by Night Sports product line.

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